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One thing we have learned in the Estate industry is the value of “things”. Things that were hot about 10 years ago, may not be hot now. The average person inheriting an estate only wishes to take 3-5% of all items. The rest? Well, that’s where we come in.

The next generation doesn’t do formal dining anymore. This devalues the glassware, plate sets, and other items you would picture on a 1950’s dinner table on Sunday. It just doesn’t happen anymore. When was the last time you put on a suit and tie for family dinner? You don’t. It’s all about simplicity now. People have one, maybe 2 sets of plates. The gold leaf pattern plates and flower painted porcelain pitchers have minimal value outside of sentimental value. Milk Glass, nope. Depression era glass people thought was rare, we found out it isn’t.

Buying second-hand goods is good for our planet.
One of the things we find that does have value out of the kitchen is the silver. Not silver plate, but sterling silver. This part will make you sad, but people are buying it and melting it down. I know. Things like hand blown glass pieces, high-end brand names, and pieces with makers marks can also have value.
Mid-Century Modern is very popular right now. The style of Frank Lloyd Wright and Charles and Ray Eames are hot. Basically, what you would enjoy seeing in the hit show “Mad Men”. Some vintage clothes from name brand designers are popular too.
Remember the video games of the 80’s? Well those have value. The Nintendo and Atari systems, especially still in the box, are valuable.
Being from Kentucky, you will want to look out for vintage Derby Glasses. Every house has a collection from the 1990’s and up, but it’s those 1950’s glasses you want to have.
In the times we live in, weapons have value. We can sell registered weapons that buyers can purchase and pickup at our licensed dealer.
For buyers, some fun things to look for are items with a low price point that you can refurbish. This is an Etsy world we live in. What’s old once can be new again. If you can find the right buyer and they know how to use Pinterest, they can create some great new items for their home with a vintage feel.
Just because something is old doesn’t mean it’s valuable. While some things are cool to see, the upcoming generations want less “things”. The smaller the better. Big bulky furniture is not popular in 2018. Simple is what the look is.
Ultimately though, it’s the value to the person buying who truly sets the price. If you love it and you use the item, it has value to you. Second-hand goods and repurposing things will help our planet survive. Buy Local, Buy Second-Hand Goods.

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