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The “Heizer Homestead” Legacy

Where does one begin in a legacy that we can trace back into the late 1700’s with ancestors who lived several years past their 100thbirthday?

Jumping ahead to 2019, Carol and Sarah are moving to Texas to be near family and offer assistance where needed. Due to the long-distance move and the combining of two homes into one, the June 29thsale will provide a variety of items for sale from several generations.

Two of the largest items, of course, are the Wurlitzer Baby Grand Piano (1930-31) with ivory keys that was purchased in 1969 from a piano tuner’s widow and has been well cared-for since that time. The Seybold Reed Pipe Pump Organ (in excellent condition with all parts accounted for), on the other hand, has quite a family history attached. The story begins in Kentucky when Carol’s husband’s great-grandparents had possession of it. When the family decided to homestead in New Mexico, the organ went with them either by wagon or train. It remained there for many years until some family members decided to return to Kentucky, at which time the organ returned to its original stomping ground. For a musical instrument with such an interesting life, it amazes everyone with its amazing intact condition and appearance. Few of us could say the same!

Having been involved in genealogy research for several years, Carol knew the original German town from where her mother’s ancestors emigrated. One can only imagine her interest when walking through an antique shop one day in Louisville and noticing the interesting blue and silver stein. Upon opening it, she read the piece of paper rolled up inside and was totally shocked to see the name of that same town. When she inquired about it with the shop owner, he told her the man who brought the stein in had said that was where the stein originated! Could it be possible that Carol’s ancestors and the seller’s ancestors had known each other before coming to America? We will never know!

The Flexible Flyer sled began its time with the family sometime prior to 1918 when Carol’s father received it as a Christmas gift from his parents. Living just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the sled provided many years of enjoyment not only for its recipient, both also for his three siblings as they enjoyed the snowy winter seasons. Then Carol came along and used it for many more years, also during the cold winter months. She remembers running it into trees, snowbanks, and creeks that were partly frozen. 

When little Sarah came along, still living up north, Carol’s dad built the accompanying piece to attach to the sled so the family could bundle up the baby, tie her into the sled for safety, and thus continue the legacy. After moving to Kentucky and adding brother Mark to the family, it was used again for many years in the few big winters here. Being the typical boy, Mark truly put the now-antique sled through its paces. When one sees the construction of this nearly indestructible sled, one can understand how it has survived in such remarkable condition, especially considering it is now over 100 years old.

Having been a teacher here in America, Carol had the opportunity to teach in China for a summer in 2002, thus bringing back the Asian articles available at the sale. Having also traveled to many other countries, various multi-cultural items will be available.

While helping to support an African pastor whose wife had “natural” triplets (no medical intervention) , Carol had the hand-made African black jewelry sent here, would then sell it here in Ky, then send all proceeds back to Africa to help support the family. These are the few remaining pieces to be sold.

One does not often see clown shoes at such a sale, but because Carol served as a member of the Good News Gospel Clowns (a group designed to minister to those in hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, and drug abuse centers) for a period of time, she has decided that the shoes and costume will not fit in well in the Texas landscape. Also not fitting in the Texas landscape is the snow blower that will be available!

Car enthusiasts will be delighted to see the 1948 edition of MoToR’s Auto repair Manual, along with the 1930 and 1931 license plates. Carols ’ father was a master automotive repairman and paint specialist who had his own business for nearly 50 years and taught his son-in-law (Carols’ husband) the trade. As a result, Carols’ husband was a custom automotive paint and repairman/metal fabrication instructor at Prosser Vocational School in New Albany before retiring after 25 years. As a result of both men, Carol and Sarah are selling many of the family’s Craftsman tools and tool chest.

And lest we not forget our sports fans, Carol has signed correspondence and pictures as a result of her guests on her one-time local radio program on the local CNN affiliate station WNAI.

Carol is an eight-time published author whose books have sold overseas, and her love for writing is paralleled with her love for art and photography. There will be several large prints by G. Harvey, along with some of Carol’s own photography (some matted, some framed).

Some of Carols’ books will also be for sale at a reduced price. She will not attend the sale, but those individuals who purchase her books can return later that day (or at a later date) for her to sign them if so desired.

Sarah’s love for animals is evident in the availability of pet pens and ferret cage. That love carried over into a financial endeavor in which she bred and sold Guinea pigs to pay for her half of an American Saddlebred horse at age 8 ½! (Learn why only “1/2” from one of the LEGACY personnel on sale day)!

Sarah and her beloved Buck had to say good-bye a few years later when he died of cancer. She grieved as only a young girl can when her special friend (whom she worked so hard to have and then fell in love with) dies. Sarah is taking Buck’s saddle, bridle and bit with her to use as part of their Texan home décor.

Because Carol was an educator … and Sarah still teaches … one will find many children’s books and educational materials and supplies.                

                                                                                                      CGH       6/2019




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